Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We all have a heart.

I know that you hear a lot of positive things from me, but to be honest, life isn't always perfect.

Probably one of the worst things about me is I have a false confidence.  I don't mean to do it, it just somehow happens.  People think that I'm strong, that my feelings never get hurt, and that I'm never sad.  It's just not true.

This week alone I have had four people cancel on me.

It hurts.

This isn't to make you feel sorry for me.  I'm not writing this to have everyone now turn around and compliment me.  In fact, please don't, instead take a second to remember that every person has a heart.

Whether they are pretty or ugly - confident or insecure - happy or sad - your best friend or a stranger, everyone hurts, everyone has a heart and we need to start caring about each other more.

I challenge you to encourage someone today.  Just go up and tell someone something great about them because you know what?  Every person on the earth has something great inside them and they deserve to hear it.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Adventures on the streets of Anaheim.

I've started riding my bike to and from work.  It's awesome.

I rode about 6 miles two days ago (Angel Stadium), 22 miles yesterday (the Apple Store), and I rode 8 miles today(Disney and Angels).

At the end of the Angels game I decided to just have a nice easy slow paced ride home.  I had worked really hard for the last few days and I deserved a break.

Well, as I was pulling out of the Angel Parking lot, a kid passed me on his bike.  No way was I letting that kid beat me.  So, I caught up to him.  We got to the stop light, stopped and looked at each other, the light turned green and the race was on.  I figured we would race a block or two and then we would go our separate ways.

Little did I know that he lived only about 2 blocks from my house.  It was most fun I have ever had biking home.  Jumping curbs and trying to figure out ways to get around each other.  Off roading on Katella where there was no sidewalk.  Laughing when we would come to a screeching halt at stop lights.  Avoiding tourists around Disneyland.  It was fantastic.

My favorite part was when I decided to be sneeky and cross the street to get around him without knowing and because of it, I hit a stop light.  When he saw that I hit the stop light he took it a little easier, but I still had to work my butt off to catch up.  He was on the sidewalk, so I rode down in the street to catch up, the look on his face when I passed him was classic.

Never under estimate me, I will surprise you.