Thursday, March 28, 2013

Be Inspired!

I woke up this morning, three days before Easter, many hours before my alarm thinking of all the things I need to accomplish today and pressure from my parents to refinance my house.  (It's a perfect time for that.)

When I feel overwhelmed my first reaction is to clean.  I don't know why, maybe it's because the order of cleanliness make me feel like things are in control.  So, I woke up and the first thing I did (like most mornings) is look at my inspiration wall.  It's a mess.

So, I decided to start "cleaning it up".  I walked over trying to decide what to take down.  And suddenly I realized this board is perfect, just as it is.  Here is what I learn from this board.

A picture from Banksy reminds me, "Use your unique voice, your the only who has it."

A picture of kids dancing shows me, "Something average can be absolutely amazing when given the right tools."

A picture of my college alumni newsletters nudges, "Other people are accomplishing great things and you have that inside of you, so go do it!"

My fortune cookie from Thomas inspires me to "Dream loft dreams and as you dream so shall you become."

My favorite Bible verses (Exodus 4:11-12) prompts, "Just go create, God will speak for you."

A program from Jack Gilberts memorial awkens me to, "Do nothing for money, but rather to help advance others and to be happy."

A handmade birthday card from my nephew, "Create like a child allowing yourself to be free to make mistakes and create original work."

From Proverbs 31, "Be an awesome woman."

A card from my birthday scavenger hunt two years ago, "Surround yourself with awesome people and go have adventures."

My list of places to visit, "Never stop dreaming, you never know what is going to happen."

A quote from Return to Me, "You only have struggles because God knows you can handle them and they only make you stronger."

My storyline screenplay cards, "Write."

Some people make inspiration boards because they believe they can will it to be.  I don't believe that.  I believe that reminding yourself of what is important and what inspires you will make you act.  Your dreams will not come true wishing they will happen.  They will come true from hard work and dedication.  Make an inspiration wall and remember what is important to you everyday.

(It can be cleaner than mine.)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Just Cuz It's Funny.

So, I now work at American Airlines.  People ask me what I do and I usually say "I'm the bouncer for the VIP lounge for American Airlines at LAX."  This really is the best description because I just sit at the door and decide who comes in and who doesn't.  That's all I do.  All day.

Obviously, because we are the VIP lounge in LA, I refer to my job as the famous person parade.  Every day multiple famous people come through.  Luckily, in my life I have had multiple jobs where I deal with famous people so it doesn't really phase me.

Of course, regular people come into the lounge, too.  Every now and then I see people I know.  A few friends from Disney have come through.  My brother comes through every now and then with guys he works with.  One day, a guy from my church came in.  Here's how the conversation went:

Liz (excited to see a friend):  Hey!  How's it going?
Church Guy (a little taken back by my friendliness):  Good.

I realize he doesn't recognize me because I cut off my hair, so I say:

Liz:  I cut off my hair.
Church Guy (confused):  Great.

Now I'm getting embarrassed that he clearly doesn't remember me, so trying to help him out I say:

Liz (reminding him):  It used to be brown and real long.
Church Guy (with a little smile):  Yah, my hair used to be a little longer too.

With his smile and imagining him with longer hair I realize that he doesn't go to my church, he is Tag - Rachel's boyfriend from Friends - or some of you may know him from CSI: NY.  Eddie Cahill.

Oh man, with this realization, I re-live the conversation... Weird girl says hi really too friendly, randomly mentions she cut off her hair, gives a description of previous hair and is now staring at him terrified....

Now, I'm just trying to get rid of him as fast as possible.  So I quickly go through the things I'm required to say and then look down at my keyboard until he leaves, playing with my nails, straightening my desk, moving around pens for no reason.   And it take him FOREVER to leave because he has to put stuff back in his wallet and pack up his bag and get his jacket on his arm and put his backpack on his back and pick up his phone and wallet off the counter.  Finally, he's all organized and I look up embarrassed to say one more friendly goodbye.  And with such kindness and grace he says, "Thanks, I like the hair."

Note to self:  Assume people at LAX are actors not friends.