Monday, November 15, 2010

Risk and Consequences

I don't have kids.  But I do have two nephews, Riley and Alex, and they are fantastic.  They really are.

A couple weeks ago Riley was given an assignment where he had to give examples of risk and consequences.  The other kids in his 4th grade class talked about things like wars and presidents.  Riley chose to talk about me. *proud smile.

Riley was reading my blog about training for the triathlon and asked his teacher if I could be considered a good example of risk and consequences.  She said yes, and suddenly I was a living, breathing show and tell project!

Riley did a fantastic job picking out great questions to ask.  He was so brave getting up in front of his class to interview me.  As adults, I think we forget that when we are little, this isn't a common occurance.  Riley did an incredible job.

I think we all have a lot to learn from these type of amazing kids.  Riley reminded me to think outside the box, to be creative in everything i do, and to be brave when doing something different and new.  I think we all should try to be a little more like the children in our lives.

Riley is in the red shirt on the right.

oh, and if you want to watch the interview (it's about 5 minutes long)...