Thursday, October 27, 2016

My Life is a Seattle Ferry

I sat down on the Ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge about 20 minutes early and put my head into a book. I got done with the chapter and looked up to realize we were far from the dock.  I hadn't even notice how far we had gone.  I looked at the city.  It was a beautiful city, but with the sun just about to set behind the clouds, it was dull and grey.  As we moved further away, the city disappeared behind the fog and before I knew it, I couldn't even see it.

We landed on Bainbridge Island and I walked to dinner at a local restaurant.  It was raining and cold, but it was beautiful.  I had a wonderful dinner and then headed back to the ferry.

I took a seat facing Seattle.  The sun had been down for about an hour now and, through the fog, I could see little sparkles of lights from the city.  As we moved toward the city, the fog moved away and the city became larger and more brilliant.  My eyes couldn't take in all the beautiful lights of the skyline.  It was just gorgeous.

I walked out to the front of the boat.  The wind off the water chilled my face and hands.  A small tear fell.  This was my story.

I hurt my back so suddenly that I was far from who I used to be before I even knew it. I watched as my injury slowly took my life from me.  As I gained weight, rolled in wheelchairs, and layed in bed for weeks at a time, the person I had been slowly disappeared behind the fog.

I was stuck in that fog for months.  And just like the lovely dinner I had in Bainbridge, I had small wonderful moments in the cold, confusing times.  But then, I had surgery and found myself sitting there, squinting to see a few lights of my old life sparkling behind the fog. I started physical therapy and I knew I was moving back into the direction of that old life that I loved.

I haven't docked back in Seattle yet, but I am really close.  I'm still on my journey back to the city that I know will be even more brilliant than when I left it, but for now, I will still exercise everyday, eat right and work on finding the girl that I was before my life was ripped from me.  And when I do, I will sparkle brighter than even before.