Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Three days in my life...

Here is my time line for the last three days:

-stressful packer play off game
-hurry to get new rollerblades
-frustratingly clean out kitchen
-rush through rockharbor dance rehearsal
-try to fit into little green dress

-spend hours hiking to waterfall with Gina
-try to get a dance done in 40 minutes at rockharbor

-get up early to work at Disney
-finish a ton of things that needed to get done
-get bruises from rollerblading with new rollerblades
-hurry up to LA for a show with Rachel

Here's the thing, except for a few things, these are all tasks.  You have to get things done you don't want to do, you have to clean out your kitchen, you have to go to work, you have to work out (if you wanna fit in the little green dress).  And yet, at the end of Tuesday I was literally sitting in LA contemplating the amazingness of the last three days.

We must remember to look at the bright side.  The packers won, my kitchen looks beautiful, dancing is my favorite thing in the world, the people I work with are fantastic, hiking in nature is amazing, being productive just feels good.  My life isn't much different than anyone else's, I just choose to love it.  I choose to be thankful for things.  The bruises on my legs from breaking in my rollerblades suck, but man was it fun going faster than ever before...

Then to top it off, I went to a free show in LA called Traces.  Go see it.  Traces is hard to explain, but I can tell you this.  The things the people do in that show seem almost impossible at times.  It inspired me to be more creative.  To challenge myself to try harder.  To grab a little higher in life because the impossible is possible if i try.

Hiking with Gina